Our organization has Trustees and volunteer workers who collect funds relentlessly from all segments of space who never refuse a donation – whether it is Rupee coin or multiple funds and acknowledge the donor thankfully with a receipt. “KAR FATEH” Charitable Trust, has never ever taken any funds from Government or Private Organisation, it’s a self-funded organization and generate funds according to the requirement directly from the community.

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Core features

Our goals and missions

We exist for non-profits, social enterprises, community groups, activists,lorem politicians and individual citizens that are making.

Health Programs

Health Care is the main program running under the control KAR FATEH. Because it is a truth if the person is protected .

Homeless Programs

Kar Fateh not only to support children, even change lives of those people who have not support to initiate and homeless people.

Education Programs

Education is not just to read and write. It is about using education for their own advantages and to utilize the knowledge.

Awareness Programs

We are a team of dedicated members who are serving free of cost and are volunteers. Donation is the best humanity.

Marriage Programs

Thousand of orphaned girls here are waiting for grooms, but nobody is ready to marry these helpless girls.

Fulfill your dream

Let's make a change

Who are we

Through our programs, we head the responsibilities to help our surroundings with our ongoing campaigns. “We” as the initiator of “KAR FATEH” aims at helping each person at the time of help and spread awareness regarding activities going around.

Our Mission

We aim at inspiring the world, How we treat each individual in a difficult time. We live for the people and aims that each should be safe, secure and Sheltered(Triple-S). We can not just ignore everything, at least we can motive our youth.

Our Goal

We believe in the survival and protection of each and every individual of our nation.”We” youth of KAR FATEH aims at helping an individual in any of their difficult times and is always there to help an individual.

Kar Fateh